Impact Distribution Campaign

Following a successful film festival run, we are now entering the next phase of our Impact Distribution Campaign, focussed on the following core objectives: 


Mobilize Youth Action

on a global scale, at the UN summit and beyond.


Highlight the History

of the movement, and how we got where we are today.


Speak Truth to Power

to ensure the youth voice is heard by those in charge.


Empower the next generation

to use film & media to highlight the climate crisis.

Young people these days aren’t waiting. They have access to the facts on climate change, the intelligence to understand our negligence as adults, and the platform to stand up and speak out.

To me, Youth Unstoppable is extremely optimistic because it inspired my own youthful optimism and energy, going forward
— Adrian Grenier, Executive Producer

To deliver our Impact Objectives we will conduct a range of activities over the next year to activate our audience.



We will screen the film as part of the UN Climate Week (NYC, US) in Sep and COP 25 (Santiago, Chile) in Dec as part of a coordinated events plan to engage senior stakeholders around the climate crisis.

Crucial to this will be the amplification of the youth voice within these environments on panel conversations and Q&A's to support the Green New Deal.

Youth Activism


We will launch a Global Screenings initiative to galvanize the youth climate movement. Crucially providing the historical context for where this generation of climate activists has come from and inspire them to take charge.

Screening will be accompanied by detailed discussions and workshops

Slater has captured the story of a generation with Youth Unstoppable. It was at times hard to distinguish between her journey and my own - I cried with anger, with joy and with hope while watching. I”m so happy someone has finally showcased the beauty, diversity, and resistance of the youth climate movement - and I hope it brings
everyone the same sense of hope that I now feel.
— Fatima Ibrahim – UKYCC/
Youth Unstoppable is an inside look at where the building blocks of the current youth climate movement came from. There is an important story here that all current youth activists should know. Young people have been calling for climate action for a long time, and this film is an opportunity to see how we were able to get to where we are today.
— Katie Eder –

Slater Training


A crucial part of Youth Unstoppable is the power of citizen journalism. We want to provide media and communications training to young activists in order to escalate the conversation around the climate crisis.

In addition to screening events, a resource kit will be developed, and equipment provided for new voices to document their journey. Both in developed and developing nations most affected by climate change.

Support our Campaign

We are currently seeking additional funding to support our international impact campaign. Starting at the UN Climate Week in NYC in Sep, our campaign will expand over the next year.